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Representative Contributions

Representative Contributions

Anton Rauscher, Emeritus Professor of Christian Social Teaching, University of Augsburg and Director, Catholic Center for Social Thought, Mőnchengladbach, 1963-2010, “The Church and Democracy: The Long Path toward Reconciliation.” Jude P. Dougherty, Dean Emeritus, School of Philosophy, The Catholic University of America, “Secularization of Education in the United States.”

Bernhard Vogel, former Prime Minister and President Emeritus of Konrad Adenauer Foundation, “Quo Vadis Europa?”

Klaus Stüwe, Chair of Comparative Political Science and Vice President for International Affairs and Profile Development at the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, “Subsidiarität und Subsidiaritätskontrolle im politischen System der Europäischen Union.”

Philip Gleason, Professor of History, University of Notre Dame, “Integration as a Cultural and Religious Problem.”

Douglas Ryan, Regional Development Director, Catholic Relief Services, “Keeping the White Horse in the Barn: The Restoration of Subsidiarity in the Face of Conflict and Natural Disasters.”

Wolfgang Bergsdorf, President of the Gőrres-Gesellschaft and past President of the University of Erfurt, “The Power of the Media as Challenge to Democracy.”

Fred D. Miller, Jr., Professor and Director of Social Philosophy and Policy Center,  Bowling Green State University, “Moral Character and Democratic Capitalism.”

John. P. Hittinger, Professor of Philosophy, St Thomas University, “On Citizen and Conscience.”

Nicholas T. Pinchuk, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Snap-On, “The Role of Tolerance in a Multinational Corporation.”

Dr. Rudolf Teuwsen, Philosopher and Head of the Liaison with Churches and Religious Communities Unit at the German Chancellor’s Office, “Freedom of Conscience and Religious Freedom.”

George Cardinal Pell, Archbishop of Sydney “Islam and Democracy in the West.”

Manfred Spieker, Professor of Christian Social Thought, University of Osnabrűck “Responsibility and the Rule of Law: John Paul II and the Protection of Human Life.”

David Walsh, Ordinary Professor Politics, The Catholic University of America, “The Person at the Heart of Benedict’s New Evangelization.”

Johannes Thomas, Professor of Romance Languages and Literature, University of Paderborn, “Tolerance / Intolerance in Islam and the Tolerance of Intolerance in the West.”

William A. Frank, Professor of Philosophy, University of Dallas, “Personalist Dimensions of Property.”

Christian Hillgruber, Chair of Civil Law, University of Bonn, “Ist privates Eigentum ein Menschenrecht? Philosophische und verfassungshistorische Überlegungen.

William A. Barbieri, Jr, Ordinary Professor of Ethics, School of Theology and Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America, “Dignitarian Discourses: From Human Dignity to “Die Würde der Kreatur.”