Leo XIII Center



German-American Colloquium


Colloquia since 2000

2000 Immigration and Integration—Chicago, Illinois

2002 Role of Religion in Society—Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

2004 National Identity—Detroit, Michigan

2006 Fragility of Democracy—Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

2008 Responsibility: Recognition and Limits—Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2010 Tolerance—Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

2012 Property As a Condition of Freedom—Chicago, Illinois

2014 The Principle of Subsidiarity and Its Meaning for Order in Society and the State—Wildbad Kreuth, Germany

2016 The Public Character of Religion in Liberal Democracy—Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA

2018 Solidarity and Migration—Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein, Germany


2021 Topic TBD—Germany